QA Specialist

Employee • Tech & Product • Estonia, Latvia or Lithuania


We are looking for an experienced QA engineer who would become part of small and focused team that builds Fundvest core platform. QA will need to lead and execute quality assurnace process, mostly consisting of manual testing and in future also degree of test automation, with both visual and api tests. In general, there are many interesting challenges ahead, and QA specialist will participate actively in developing new products, from business as well as technical perspective. We consider QA to be cornerstone of our team.


  • Several years of experience working in testing and quality assurance, 
  • Experience with mobile app testing is preferred, although it is not mandatory, if candidate is willing to learn this field
  • Ability to work as a part of the team, helping colleagues and asking for help without hesitation
  • Unsupervised work skills are important, with remote work and a small team, it is esential to manage own time well
  • Decent spoken english. Important to be ablle to speak with collagues, read requirements and communicate with developers
  • Some experience with modern test automation is a plus, although it is not mandatory in this stage of the company
  • Exposure to modern cloud, mobile technologies, task and documentation tools – all is considered a bonus

Tech Stack

  • Flutter/Dart
  • Modern Java, with Spring boot and Hybernate
  • PostgreSQL, cloud managed
  • Cloud Native AWS
  • Fully automated CI/CD pipelines

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