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That’s why we built Fundvest – user-friendly, long-term investment app


Fundvest Was Born

Fundvest was born in 2020 and initially began as a closed-ended small fund. ”However, our clients kept asking which platform they should use if they want to invest money themselves. The market demanded a user-friendly platform that makes investing easy, accessible and understandable. That is how Fundvest was born.”

What problem we solve?

Europeans lack a great retail investment application that offers user-friendly access not only to US but also to local EU stock exchanges

Traditional banks lack user centricity and have high minimum fees making investing inaccessible

Fintech solutions are priced and built for day trading not for long-term investing 

Fundvest tackles these problems by offering access to EU and US stock exchanges with commission fees which are lower than traditional banks and tied to user activity.
We also focus on making our platform easy to use and user-centric by automated investment services priced and built for long-term investing.

Meet the founders

Rasmus Klaassen


Sander Siim Vaher​


Martins Untals


Ottomar Paeväli


Partners & Friends

Born in the Baltics

Fundvest was founded in the Baltics. We have offices in Vilnius and Tallinn where bright minds work towards creating the best product.

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