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What can I Invest in?

US Stocks

Invest in US stock exchange companies in different sectors like healthcare, technology etc. 

EU Stocks

We offer wide range of European stocks from automotive companies  to pharmaceuticals 

Baltic Stocks

Invest in one of the biggest companies in the Baltic countries through Nasdaq Baltics. Not available at the moment.


ETFs can contain all types of investments, including stocks, commodities, or bonds; some offer U.S.-only holdings, while others are international

Investing is always related to risk which may result in losses. This may happen because the value of the financial instruments you purchase may decrease. The risk of loss is different and depends on each specific financial instrument. We strongly encourage you to evaluate the characteristics of financial instruments and the related risks, taking into account your financial status, investment experience, your personal investment goals and time period, also other important factors.

Fundvest is part of the investor protection system of the Repulic of Lithuania. More information on the conditions of the insurance is provided here

Automated investing

Automatically invest a chosen sum of money each month to selected options. Never miss a chance to increase your wealth long-term.

Social feed

Be a part of the community and make new connections by following others or sharing your activities and insights on our social feed, which is integrated into the app.

Buy and sell stocks

Find all essential fundamentals in the app that will help you make a considered decision.

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Investing has risks, understand them before you start