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These FAQs should help you get started, but if you can’t find the answers you’re looking for here, just drop us a quick email.

Invest with Fundvest

What do I need to sign up at Fundvest + -

In order to sign up for Fundvest we need to verify you and your contact information. We ask for your photo documents such as ID card or passport and some basic information to get to know you better. Working smartphone with an internet connection is also needed.

Who may open an account at Fundvest + -

You can easily open an account with us if you are 18+ years old and have an EU citizenship or residency.

I live outside Baltic countries. Can I open an account? + -

Not yet but we'll get to you soon.

Fundvest investing fees + -

At Fundvest we believe that the only fees the investor should pay are transaction fee and currency conversion. There are nor there will be any hidden and unexpected fees. You pay 0,35% for transactions and 0,5% for currency conversion. That's it, no matter how long you want to keep your stocks. For example the cost for investing 1000 € in EU stocks is 3.5€ and 8,5€ for US stocks. With every transaction you will see a receipt where each cost is shown and explained. We think it is of upmost importance to keep everything understandable and transparent.

Do you have investing website? + -

Currently we offer our services only from mobile application available on iOS and Android, but the website is in the works and will be avalible in near future.

What can I invest in? + -

In the beginning we offer stocks from EU, US and Baltics in addition to wide selection of ETFS covering most of the world. Selection will be increasing constantly over time and if you have a certain stock you'd like to invest in - let us know and we'll see what we can do.

Can I move my assets to Fundvest from another institution? + -

We will have this solution available soon. We will certainly let you know when you can move your portfolio to Fundvest.

Account types

What kind of account types you offer? + -

Fundvest offers 2 types of accounts: Investment Account and Autoinvestment Account. Investment account is like a regular account that allows you to invest directly into stocks. Autoinvestment Account invests your money in ETFs automatically based on the plan you have created or chosen.

Why I need different account types + -

Mostly to keep different currencies separated and account statements understandable.

What is automated investing? + -

Automated Investing makes investments/purchases on your behalf based on the plan you have defined. i.e - you choose certain ETFs you want to invest in and autoinvest will buy them for you every month or when enough funds have been gathered to your account. For example you wish to invest in green energy and sustainability, you add a suitable ETF from that segment and Autoinvest will invest your money in green energy monthly


How do I fund my account + -

You can only add funds to your Fundvest account from your personal bank account. There are different options built-in  to make this process smoother and easier.

If my deposit hasn't arrived + -

Usually funds move rather quick but there are rare cases where it may take up to 2 weeks. Usually it takes no more then couple of days. If your deposit has not arrived and sensible time period has passed, please contact us support@fundvest.eu and we'll try our best to help you.

Are there exit fees when I decide to close my account? + -

If you decide you no longer wish to be our client you can delete your account without any unexpected fees.

Is there a minimum deposit + -

Fundvest has no minimum required deposit. Growing your weatlh should be affordable, accesible and understandable to everybody.

Who should I contact if I have trouble with payments + -

If you have any trouble or need some assitance from our side, please contact us support@fundvest.eu and we'll try to fix it as soon as possible.

Safety settings

How is my money protected + -

We are regulated and governed by Bank of Lithuania which means we comply with all EU regulations and are periodically checked from every angle. Clients of Fundvest have their portfolio insured up to €22K. Fundvest is a member of Liabilites for Investors and more info can be found here.

Where is my money held + -

Money is held in a bank located in  the Baltic countries and in the financial brokerage firm within European Union. All of our partners are regulated, verified and trustworthy financial institutes.

How does Fundvest secure my account information + -

Our technical infrastructure is provided in the biggest cloud provider in the world. That means the latest security updates are always implemented quickly and your account is secure at all times. Fundvest also undergoes periodical external tests to know about possible weakpoints ahead of time.

What is the purpose of onboarding questionnaire? + -

With onboarding questionnaire we cover all of the necessary legal bases and get to know you a little bit better. In order to avoid future confusions and allow our users to invest we have to collect some basic data about you.