Fully Licensed

After more than a year of extensive due dilligence process, Bank of Lithuania has awarded Fundvest UAB the Category B financial brokerage firm licence on 11th of January, 2022.

Close oversight to continue.

long term focus

We do not try to push our users into more and more trades to try and luck into quick profit. 

We have no get-rich-quick type of financial innovations. Instead we slowly and safely grow their long term capital.


Our relationship with brokerage firms and stock exchanges does not contain any hidden charges. Our fees are transparent and easily predictable.

We are successful only if our customers are successful.

Local partner

We invest effort in translating complicated financial matters into accessible language, that is easy to understand for people who are not finance experts.

In english, lithuanian, latvian, estonian and russian. 

trust and security

Operations of Fundvest are
fully licensed, and are overseen by the Bank of Lithuania, central bank and financial regulator. 

Level of regulatory oversight are the same of every other financial brokerage company in Lithuania, and are compliant with all relevant laws Lithuania and directives of European Union. 

Investments are insured and protected by the government mandated customer
investment insurance program. (

All the funds are held in a deposit bank in European Union, that is also fully overseen and regulated by the financial oversight institutions, according to standard banking regulations under Mifid 2.

Technical infrastructure is built securily, and is continuously tested by an external security audit company, as mandated by authorities.