Most traded stocks on NYSE on Fundvest app

Fundvest has been available for almost six months now. That sounds like a great time to take a look back on the most traded stocks on Fundvest. 

More specifically, we are presenting 10 most traded stocks by volume (number of shares traded on Fundvest) that are listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). As the NYSE is the world’s largest stock exchange by market capitalisation, the most traded stocks include several prominent companies.  

So, what are the most traded NYSE stocks by volume on Fundvest? (Price ranges from finance.yahoo.com) 

  1. SPCE:NYSE – Virgin Galactic Holdings (6-month price range in $:  2.98-6.61)
  2. MPW:NYSEMedical Properties Trust Inc (6-month price range in $:  7.10-14.00)
  3. DNA:NYSE – Ginkgo Bioworks Holdings Inc (6-month price range in $:  1.12-2.25)
  4. AMC:NYSEAmc Entertainment Holdings Inc Class A  (6-month price range in $:  3.77-8.53)
  5. C:NYSE – Citigroup Inc (6-month price range in $:  42.01-53.23)
  6. KO:NYSE – Coca-Cola (6-month price range in $:  58.37-64.99)
  7. ADT:NYSEAdt Inc (6-month price range in $:  5.89-9.84)
  8. JPM:NYSE – J. P. Morgan Chase & Co (6-month price range in $:  123.11-144.34)
  9. F:NYSE – Ford Motor Co (6-month price range in $:  11.12-14.60)
  10. ALIT:NYSE – Alight Inc  (6-month price range in $:  8.04-10.19)

What causes a stock to be most active? 

In many cases, trade activity increases when there has been a significant change in a stock price. Such a change is usually due to some newsworthy event. A positive earnings report can generate interest in the stock causing the price to rise. Conversely, a negative earnings report can put selling pressure on the stock, causing the price to decline. This increased trading volume can stay in place for a while as other investors jump in for fear of missing out. 

But there are also several other reasons that can make a stock more traded. Here are some examples: 

  1. The market volume might be higher for stocks that are generally more known by the public;  
  2. the stocks with lower price, including the so called “penny-stocks”, might also have a larger trading volume, as more shares need to be exchanged in case of larger transactions with those stocks; 
  3. a high number of free-float shares, meaning the amount of shares readily available on the market for the public also results in higher volume.  


Please be advised that the list presented is informative and not intended to be an investment advice suggesting specific stocks, but merely a presentation of facts. All Fundvest clients are encouraged to do their own research and make sure of their risk tolerance and financial capacity before making investment decisions. Please consult an expert, if necessary.  

For writing this article, Fundvest has used historical data, therefore Fundvest neither takes any responsibility for the data presented, nor intends to update the information presented in this article.  

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